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I.Q. Purchasing

Accurate Graphics and Cutting dies invites you to use I.Q. Purchasing, or “Internet Quoting” to help your company get competitive prices for all your printing and cutting die needs. We are offering discounted pricing that reflects a discount for not having a sales representative visiting your site on a regular basis.


Send us your DXF cad files for cutting dies, or PDF’s of your print, along with your specifications and we will get you our I.Q. pricing on these items. This saves you time and allows you to get quotes to your customer  faster. This should provide a substantial savings for you.  We welcome the opportunity to fulfill your orders with top quality cutting dies and printing plates.


We produce laser rotary, full, partials and built up attachments for 37”, 50” 66” 75” and 88”cylinders, bobst dies and flat cutting dies from .0875” up to 2” knife  for both corrugated, corrplast and foam. If you have a special cutting die requirement then send us an email. Let us see what we can do for you.

Our photopolymer printing plates are produced in both liquid and sheet. We manufacture standard thicknesses .125, .155 and .250 with our 52” x 80” sheet system and our 40 x 80” liquid system. Other thicknesses are available, just send us your request.


We have a fully staffed pre-mount department, with over 40+ years combined experience who take pride in their work. Our QC & Art department has combined experience of over 35 years and stays current with the newest programs and techniques to produce your art accurately.  We encourage you to get “Art for Approval” and sign off on it when it’s approved. We can custom make your print cards to your specifications.


Shipping is handled by FEDEX, either overnight for Print or FEDEX Freight for cutting dies. If you have another preference then let us know. We can also ship via your account if you prefer.

Let us know how our pricing compares and when we can begin working for you.

We look forward to your I.Q. requests for quotes and fulfilling your tooling orders.

Contact us for your quoting needs.

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