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Printing Plates

Our printing plate department has also made investments over the past 13 years; today we offer photopolymer in both sheet and liquid.

Sheet 5280 allows us to produce sheet plates in caliper ranges from .067 thru .250 with a print image area 50″x78″.  The inline system allows us to produce top quality large plates with efficiency and smart production flow.

Liquid 4880, allows us to produce liquid polymer plates with a print image of 46″X78″ in .155 and .250 caliper.   Our liquid system is utilizing  a green recognized product by some major retail companies.  The liquid process is an environmentally friendly process as it is a water based wash.



The best printing plates in the industry require the highest quality in a pre-mounting department. The pre-mounting staff has over 40 years experience, utilizing their knowledge to insure their work is the best. Our fully equipped department uses the best in raw materials to produce the pre-mounts to your specifications and applications. We have mounting cylinders to meet your needs and we specialize in custom techniques to insure our print plates perform.


All pre-mounts leave with an in register, mylar or paper opt -check proof that has been Quality Control checked for print, accuracy and placement. We recommend you use this at plate check-in prior to production.

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